Do You Believe in Horoscope?


In less than a week, our Chinese brothers and sisters will be celebrating the Chinese New Year. According to the calendar, 2017 is the year of the Fire Rooster. Many are excited what this year will bring them. May it be a new career, a blossoming lovelife or more money in the pocket.

According to a Filipino Feng Shui expert Marites Allen, our luck will depend on our Chinese animal sign. So, I was born in the year of the Dog and I just wanna share with you what it says about my luck and your luck as well (for those who have the Dog sign, too).

Dog (1910, 1922, 1934, 1946, 1958, 1970, 1982, 1994, 2006)

There will be so many activities that will require time and focus from the Dog, and this will take time away from his personal interests and happiness. There will be difficulties along the way but he can work out something to deal with these hurdles.

Romance: Luck is on the side Dog-born individuals when it comes to relationships. Chances of developing interest with other people as well as to meet new individuals will naturally occur this year for them.

Wealth: Have discipline and be cautious in spending. Do not dive in risky investments. This is a year of self-control and good financial management.

Health: Expect to feel tired, down, and restless to the point of losing interest in the usual activities you do. The Dog will experience some anxiety and depression. With this, it is recommended to start having physical activities, and communicate with close friends or loved ones.

Career: The Dos will have opportunities in developing good relationships in their workplace, and will be able to meet new people who could offer assistance or be instrumental in career development.

Please check the link for the complete article: Your Luck in 2017.

It seems to be a good year for us Doggies based on the prediction above. However, if you think about it, how many percent of it is true? As a matter of fact, not only the Chinese believe in horoscope. Indians and Greeks also believe in how the stars affect our way of life. Part of  the Indian culture is linking the stars to the compatibility of a couple before engagement. Unbelievable, right?

As a conclusion, I don’t condemn people for believing in stars and animal signs. I have great respect for other beliefs and cultures. However, I strongly believe that no one knows how our fate will be. As a Christian, I must say, only God knows. We create our destiny based on the decisions and choices we make.

What can you say folks? Please comment below. Ciao!!! c”)


My Top 3 Fears


This is going to be brief. I’ve been wanting to write about something but I can’t make up my mind. So I decided to share with you the top 3 most feared event or thing of mine.

All of us have different fears. Some people are afraid of dogs and some are not. Others have fear of height and others are afraid of depth (esp. with water). Fear occurs when we perceived that the situation or a thing is threatening or harmful. Furthermore, fear is caused by our past experiences or just maybe created by our own imagination.

So, here are my top 3 fears:

  1. Fear of losing a loved one. Who doesn’t fear losing his parents, siblings, bestfriend or breaking-up with boyfriend or girlfriend? Most of us want to keep the persons we love forever. My family is everything to me and losing anyone of them will probably drive me crazy. But God forbid, that will not happen too soon.
  2. Fear of rejection. I grew up with no siblings around so I had the full attention of my parents. Somehow, this triggered my fear of being rejected in many forms like being rejected by a friend, in a job interview, and others.
  3. Fear of spiders. I don’t fear this eight-legged creature until I watched the movie Tarantula. I tremble every time I see a spider, especially the big ones in the house. I keep on telling my self that this arachnid is harmless, but I ended up hitting them with my slipper.

So there you go! My top 3 among all my fears. What’s yours?

Comment and share below.  c”)

Wolves in Sheep’s Clothing

“People should be judged not by their outward demeanor but by their works, for many in sheep’s clothing do the work of wolves.”

I don’t know but this blog is quite related with the recent topic I posted about forgiving and forgetting the past with the person who has wronged you. Nevertheless, some people are unforgivable to the fact that, they disguise  under the sheep’s wool.

I have a friend who is so kind but she’s gullible. She believes in everything she hears. She acts like an ignorant child at times. And because of that, people around her workplace take advantage of that weakness and use it against her. She doesn’t fight back when  she’s attacked and her means of revenge is the social media. I was infuriated when I heard the stories about her being bullied. It made me think how can such nice-looking and angelic-faced people can do that to her. Obviously, I knew who they are.

The world is very exciting as it is filled with diverse creatures. And for homo-sapiens alone, there are a hundred of its kind. Some appear to be tough-looking but they turn out be the nicest. Some look like the meekest sheep but be careful, they are the wolves in disguise.

I don’t understand why do some people need to put down other people. They love making fun of her as if she’s the dumbest in the world, when in fact they act like one. I always believe that the smartest people are those who teach dumb ones to become the smartest.

Bullies are dumbasses!!!

For my friend, we always tell her to be strong and stand firm with her belief. It’s difficult to trust others nowadays. It’s better to choose your pack and only deal with true people. Those who can tell you the truth in your face, and not the lies at your back.

Stay away from negative people. Gain positive energy from friends who love you and value your worth.

~ Jiro ~



Forgive and Forget

What do you do if someone has wronged you?

This might be a tricky question for some since we find it hard to forgive people who hurt and offended us.

All of us experienced to be in a fight with somebody like our officemates, friends, schoolmates, family members and even with strangers. We argue over small things until it blows up to a never ending  feud. It lasts until eternity.

But how do you feel when you know that someone has ill-feeling towards you. Or how do you feel having a grudge towards someone from the past and still you carry it in your heart until today? It feels heavy in the chest and even if you try to be happy with your life, it feels like something’s missing.

Forgiveness is precious and we only give it to those who deserve it. Most of the time, we let time heals the wound caused by incident, yet the bitterness is still there.

The key to a happy heart is having no resentment or whatever towards anybody. I know it’s difficult to forgive someone, but that is the only way. You may not be able to talk it out to clear some points and agree on reconciliation but the first person to forgive is the happiest.

Let bygones, be bygones. Forgive and forget what happened. Live freely and happy.

~ Jiro ~





Overcoming Boredom


First of all, living alone away from your family is not easy. Not everyone who goes out overseas are able to overcome homesickness just in a matter of time. Some are lucky enough to have friends and family members present and within reach.

Living in a company accommodation or in any house together with your co-workers or random housemates may help you get away with loneliness but sometimes, there comes a point that you feel bored with the usual daily routine and you just need a “me” time. Then, boredom strikes!

Boredom is the feeling or state of losing interest to do something. Sometimes we confuse ourselves with boredom as the feeling of being depressed. As a matter of fact, boredom is triggered when you stop doing things you like or you used to do.

We often say, “I’M BORED. WHAT TO DO NOW?”. Believe me, I stopped telling myself this phrases because I know there are so much things to do. The more you say that yourself, the more you become bored.

You can actually enjoy your moment of solitude if you know how to find ways to make yourself busy and productive. Instead, of sitting and doing nothing, you can busy yourself by reading your favorite book, watch do-it-yourself programs in Youtube, learn a new language, trying an online business, exercise or do stretching, talk to some old friends, write a blog or create a vlog, go out and take a walk, and a looooot more!

Do things that eats your time productively like you get something good in return. For example, I started this blog out of boredom, honestly speaking. Until, I discovered that I love to write and writing is therapeutic. Now, I write because I want to learn something, and that is to enhance my writing skill and style.

“Boredom” is a only a state of mind. Don’t entertain such word in your mind. You can overcome it.



~ Jiro ~




Friendship Goals

Do you have friends of other nationality?

I had read a post from a popular website here in Qatar about a man who doesn’t want to make friends with expats because of his “sad experience” with them. He is a local guy and when he was young, he got so many expat friends. Then he went to college to pursue a degree for 2 years and when he came back to Qatar, all his friends were gone. Literally! Some went home to their respective home country and some switched places due to work. Now he’s left alone, and he’s no one to hang out to except his local friends. He got hurt emotionally and eventually, he decided not to entertain friendship with other nationalities.

My reaction when I read his article was, “poor guy.”But I understood his situation. I could definitely relate to his sentiments. Losing a friend is even worse than losing a girlfriend. Am I right?

I actually admire how this guy was able to build friendship with other nationalities from Great Britain, India, Tanzania, and other countries he mentioned. His reaction was just normal for a simple human being to get hurt, felt left-out and abandoned. But considering the demographic of Qatar, 70 percent of the population are expats or from other countries. So, most people come here for work and barely a few stay for more than 5 years or so.

But this won’t be the reason why we should stop making friends. Having friends of different race is the best thing we can do in this lonely world. It’s exciting actually. We get to know about their culture, challenge our taste buds with their unique dish, we are able to learn some foreign words, and we get to experience the diversity of other nations through our foreign friends.

It’s sad that our friends just come and go. But hey, keeping in touch with them is just a click of a button. Where ever they are, true friends stay forever, in our hearts and memories.



Damsels in Distress

I was privileged to be part of the Outreach Program conducted by IlonggoBeez Qatar, a socio-civic organization here in Doha, last March 4, 2016 to the distressed Overseas Filipino Workers held at the POLO-OWWA Headquarters. Part of the activity were the distribution of gifts (mostly donated clothing and personal items from friends and colleagues), playing simple games and serving our recipients sumptuous dinner.


There were 52 women, mostly working as housemaids to Qatari and expatriate families, some even worked for Filipino employers. These women ran away from their employers due to various reasons; some were paid lesser than what they had signed in the contract. Some said they were maltreated and others claimed they were sexually abused. Now they found shelter in POLO-OWWA office, where they are given care until they get a ticket to travel back to the Philippines.

Looking at them made me think, why do they have to endure this kind of situation. They left their families in Philippines hoping for a better future but they ended up in distress.

Inspite of the strong campaign against human trafficking and illegal recruitment by the Philippine Government, many were managed to  be flown out of the country, and deployed as Househelpers. When the problem arises, who is to blame?

As individuals, we should be wary when applying for job abroad. Here are my tips:

  • Always check and verify if the Recruitment Agency is listed and accredited by the Philippine Overseas Employment Agencyn (POEA).
  • Review and read the Employment Contract before signing.
  • Be doubtful if the Agency asks for big amount of money for recruitment fee. For Housemaid and unskilled workers, no placement is required.
  • Consider the country you are going if safe and secure. Consider the culture, the country’s rules and regulations.
  • Search for the location of the Philippine Embassy. In this way, you know where to run if problem occurs.
I believe that the Philippine Government should do something about this. I know life back home is not easy but we can stop sending House helpers abroad if taken seriously. If Indonesia was able to freeze sending housemaids to Middle East, the Philippines can, too.
*Note: Ilonggo Beez  Qatar is conducting the Outreach Program to distressed OFWs quarterly. If you want to extend help, kindly contact the group through our Facebook page: Ilonggo Beezz Qatar.



They Think She’s a Whore


Last night I was with a lady friend with her foreigner boyfriend. They were together for a while now and they seemed so in love with each other. We were hanging out in a European-inspired bar, sitting at the corner with a couple of beers at hand.  Then suddenly my friend uttered, “One guy smiled at me. Maybe they think I’m a whore.”

I will call my friend Venice. She is morena (dark-skinned), short and a little chubby. But noticeably, her beauty stands out. Her boyfriend, of European origin, shamelessly proclaimed his love and attraction to her because of complexion. Since she’s the only Asian lady in a British-filled bar, they automatically noticed her presence. I told her, “‘Nice, it looks like your the apple candy tonight.”

I knew these guys think that she’s a whore. Obviously, they stare at her like she’s one hot chocolate. No she’s not. Venice is a decent lady, educated and a loving girlfriend to her equally handsome boo.

It is not any wonder why these foreign guys (European, Arab, Indian, too many to mention) look at Asian women like dogs, especially Filipinas. They think that Filipino women are sex objects, easy prey for “quick-service” and gold-diggers. I even heard from an Indian colleague telling he’s got a Filipina girlfriend for fun only. OUCH!

I believe this stigma on Filipino women is the product of our own carelessness. Some Pinays here in Doha are actually doing the “trade” in clubs, dating sites and even in malls. They hook-up with men, of any nationality as long as the guy is able to pay. Some enter in relationship with married men. They behave so badly in public places without realizing they are ruining their reputation, or dignity as women. These men do not look at them as them, but they look at them as “These Filipinas”. These ladies represent the whole Philippines.

I think it’s time for our Filipino women to uphold their dignity. But how? By practicing Self-respect.

  • Respect yourself that you act properly in public places.
  • Respect yourself that you wear modest and not revealing clothes.
  • Respect yourself that you don’t allow men to make fun of you or send inappropriate gestures towards you.
  • Respect yourself that you only entertain decent, educated and serious guys to woo you.
  • Respect yourself to say NO when offered money or promises in return for sex.
  • Respect yourself for the reason that you have a great family waiting for you to come home.
There are may ways in order to gain respect. Filipino Women should be respected. They are known to be beautiful, caring, loving and women with integrity. Let’s uphold that standard. Eventually, we can erase that “Stigma”, that negative impression towards Filipino women.


Reading is Therapeutic


This past few days I got so busy with work and stress was eating my brain. I feel like my job is taking over my life now. I get exhausted easily and the result is devastating. I screw up at work, needless to say.

I am not the kind of person who loves to go out and breathe the fresh air to calm my mind. I do once in a while but due to lack of finances (the taxi fare is expensive or I don’t have the energy to get up on my feet and a lot of excuses), I prefer to stay home and feel the moment, which I call my “Me Time”.

As a 30-year old guy, 30 plus something to be fair, I reached a point in my life when I don’t feel like going to disco bars (often), go for a stroll in a mall or just simply interact with the crowd. Am I acting old already or my introvert-self dominates me? But don’t get me wrong! I am friendly and sociable. I go easily with people, in fact, a networker per se.

Currently, I indulge myself into reading. A fruit of my curiosness, I read a lot of articles about successful people having the habit of reading. As an aspiring entrepreneur (ehem), I wanted to be successful someday. So, I forced myself to read whatever is useful like books, magazine, ebook, articles in Facebook and a lot more.

Reading is therapeutic for a tired mind. It helps me refocus my brain to my life goals, my interests while learning something new. I enjoy reading different topics as far as my mind can fathom. For the record, I have interest in finance, cooking, self-improvement topics and health stuff. One gem I discovered is the app called StumbleUpon. It offers a wide array of articles that might interest you. It’s an awesome app if you want to kill time by reading. There are lots reading applications out there but StumbleUpon stood out.

So far, reading has changed me from a party-goer to a relaxed home-buddy. And before I forget, try to follow or visit my favorite sites: Business Insider and Entrepreneur.Ph.

Happy reading!!!

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How to Get Away with Laglag-Bala Scam


At the height of the controversy, many are worried now that they might fall under the trap of the Laglag-Bala modus in the airport in the Philippines, especially at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport.

To avoid such unfortunate situation, some passengers wrap their luggages with plastic and some try to stick paper on with resentful messages. But despite all the safety measures taken, what if out of badluck, you were victimized by the scam?

What will you do? Here are some of the hypothetical answers you can say when interrogated or being forced to claim the bullet is yours:

1. “What will I do with the bullet, I don’t even have a gun!”

2. “The bullet is not mine. I am just a regular civilian and I don’t need a bullet in my bag.”

3. “I don’t believe in superstition. I have Jesus in my life and I don’t need a bullet to protect me fron bad spirits!”

4. If an OFW: “I am going to Saudi or Qatar or Singapore for work. Why should I bring bullets with me? I am not dumb to  put my life in trouble abroad.”

5. “Show me the bullet and let’s have it examined. Let’s see whose fingerprints were there.”

6. “Do I look like a terrorist? Do I look like a bad guy?”

7. “The bullet is not mine. It wasn’t there during the first X-Ray scan.”

8. “I am not interested with guns and other deadly weapons. It’s impossible, I’d carry a bullet with me.”

9. “The bullet is not mine. I made sure my luggage is bullet-free because I am already aware of your modus.”

10. “You can take the bullet and keep it with you. I don’t need it. So, please let me go.”

Of course, the security officer will not easily believe you because they want money from you. But, you can use these reasons to justify why you are innocent.

If being asked or interrogated, just stay calm and don’t talk too much. Let the officers speak. But ready your phone with the recorder on, while kept in your pocket. It’s best that youbm record the conversation. You can use this as evidence against them later.

Don’t ever offer the interrogators any kind of bribe in the first place. This will bring you more in trouble. Just stay quiet and focus on their faces. Look at them one by one. Familiarize each of them so that if asked during the inquest, you can pin-point who’s who.

The most important thing to do is to be vigilant around you  in the airport. Have presence of mind always. Remember, these syndicates choose their victims and most of them are oldies and OFW.

Stop the bullet-planting scam. Let’s bring back the fun in the Philippines.